White Fire (2ND EDITION)

Author: Mooji




Page: 434

View: 753

B&W version of 2nd ed. A collection of Mooji's essential pointings, each with the power to reveal our true nature as the pure, timeless Being. This 2nd edition has been masterfully refined to provide the most direct, universal guidance. Powerful new quotes and Self-realisation guidances are included plus new photographs and brush drawings by Mooji
Language Arts & Disciplines

Cambridge Primary English Learner's Book 3 Second Edition

Author: Sarah Snashall

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 176

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This title has been endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education Inspire learners to build, strengthen and extend their skills. Written by experienced authors and primary practitioners, Cambridge Primary English offers full coverage of the new Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework (0058). - Boost confidence and extend understanding: Tasks built in a three-step approach with 'Learn', 'Get started!' and 'Go further' plus 'Challenge yourself' activities to support differentiation and higher order thinking skills. - Revisit, practice and build on previous learning: Let learners see how their skills are developing with 'What can you remember?' checklists at the end of each unit and self-check practice quizzes. - Develop key concepts and skills: A variety of practice material throughout to build Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills. - Motivate learners with an international approach: The learner's books provide a variety of engaging extracts from diverse international authors covering fiction genres, non-fiction text types, poetry and plays.

I Love a Fire Fighter, Second Edition

Author: Ellen Kirschman

Publisher: Guilford Publications


Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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How can fire fighter families cope with the emotional toll of loving a first responder? There are ceaseless worries--about the physical dangers of the profession, the cumulative stress, and the long hours spent away from home. In this compassionate and knowledgeable guide--now fully revised and updated--psychologist Ellen Kirschman shares sage advice and practical strategies for when times get tough. From dealing with occupational hazards like trauma, marital tension, and substance use problems, to the psychological effects of fighting wildland fires, Dr. Kirschman understands the unique challenges of life on the front lines. With candor and wisdom, she shows fire fighters and their loved ones how to navigate the highs and lows of “the best job in the world.”

Phoenix Rising, Second Edition

Author: Ryk E. Spoor

Publisher: Baen Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 272

Now with an all new picture, deleted chapters of Phoenix Rising that provide backstory, and a short story by Ryk E. Spoor! A new breakout fantasy epic filled with strong world building, engaging characters, and wondrous adventure. Kyri: a highborn young woman whose life is shattered by the murder of her kin. But even as Kyri flees her beloved land Evanwyl, she knows that she is her family's only hope for justice, and Evanwyl's only chance to escape a growing shadow of corruption and destruction. Now Kyri must venture across Zarathan, a world on the brink of a long foretold Chaos War. It is a struggle that may usher in a long age of darkness— that is, if Kyri and her companions do not succeed in holding back the tide of evil that is rising. Those companions include valiant swordsman Tobimar Silverun, Prince of Skysand, exiled on the turn of a card and a prophecy, who is now seeking his people's lost homeland; and Poplock Duckweed, an unlikely hero whose diminutive size is as much a weapon as it is a weakness. Kyri's quest is as simple as it is profound: find a legendary ancient weaponsmith, take up the sword and armor of a new order of warrior defenders, and bring the power of justice and vengeance to the evil and corruption that has darkened her native land. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).
Body, Mind & Spirit

White Fire

Author: Mooji

Publisher: Non-Duality Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 368

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White Fireis a collection of 800 gleaming sparks of wisdom from world-renowned Advaita master Mooji, whose followers number in the hundreds of thousands. These essential spiritual teachings ignite within the hearts of readers, guiding them toward the end of suffering and delusion, and thus revealing their true nature as perfect and timeless being. In Mooji s own words, Only when the ego is slain by the white fire of pure seeing will the light be set free the light that illumines the whole world. "

Lexicon Urthus, Second Edition

Author: Michael Andre-Driussi

Publisher: Sirius Fiction


Category: Reference

Page: 440

View: 824

Lexicon Urthus is an alphabetical dictionary for the complete Urth Cycle by Gene Wolfe: The Shadow of the Torturer; The Claw of the Conciliator; The Sword of the Lictor; The Citadel of the Autarch; the sequel Urth of the New Sun; the novella Empires of Foliage and Flower; the short stories "The Cat," "The Map," and "The Old Woman Whose Rolling Pin Is the Sun"; and Gene Wolfe's own commentaries in The Castle of the Otter. The first edition was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. This second edition, available for the first time in paperback, includes 300 new entries. When the first edition was published, Science Fiction Age said: "Lexicon Urthus makes a perfect gift for any fan of [Wolfe's] work, and from the way his words sell, it appears that there are many deserving readers out there waiting." Gary K. Wolfe, in Locus, said: "A convenient and well researched glossary of names and terms. . . . It provides enough of a gloss on the novels that it almost evokes Wolfe's distant future all by itself. . . . It can provide both a useful reference and a good deal of fun." Donald Keller said, in the New York Review of Science Fiction: "A fruitful product of obsession, this is a thorough . . . dictionary of the Urth Cycle. . . . Andre-Driussi's research has been exhaustive, and he has discovered many fascinating things . . . [it is] head-spinning to confront a myriad of small and large details, some merely interesting, others jawdropping."

Benchbook for Family Courts and Substance Use Disorders, Second Edition

Author: Professor Barbara A. Babb, Director

Publisher: UB Law Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts


Category: Law


View: 194

The Benchbook for Family Courts on Substance Use Disorders, Second Edition, is an important reference work that provides every family court professional with valuable information to guide decision-making in family law cases. Substance use disorders (SUDs) are some of the most critical and pervasive public health problems of our time. A traditional family law decision-making process issues a judgment on legal issues, but often courts do not account for the nonlegal issue of addiction, which may be a root cause of a family’s legal problems. Judges, attorneys, court staff, and other professionals working with families may not have a complete and current understanding of SUDs, their causes, the symptoms and available treatments. Without that understanding, both the families and the court system are destined to a revolving door of repeat court appearances and unresolved family crises. The Benchbook is an essential reading and reference book that provides valuable insights into the science of addiction, the treatment of SUDs, how SUDs affect children and families in many family law cases, and how family courts can intervene in ways that lead to better outcomes. The good news is that with a recognized neurobiological basis for substance use disorders, there is potential for recovery. Evidence-based interventions can prevent harmful substance use and related problems, and the courts have considerable power to influence individuals suffering from these disorders