Vicar Joe's Religious Joke Book

Author: Kevin Johns

Publisher: Ylolfa


Category: Humor

Page: 94

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Compendium of religious jokes, including jokes about baptisms, marriages and funerals; epitaphs on grave stones; religious chat-up lines; children's take on religion, Bilble facts that may have escaped you, and much much more...

If You Think My Preaching's Bad, Try My Jokes

Author: David Pytches

Publisher: Monarch Books


Category: Humor

Page: 160

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David Pytches has for many years been a firm favourite as a speaker, teacher and writer. Here he has collected many of his finest and wittiest stories. 'One Shrove Tuesday a mother was making pancakes for her two sons, Kevin aged 5 and Bryan aged 3. They began arguing about who should get the first one. Their mother thought it a good opportunity to teach a little moral lesson and explained that if Jesus was sitting where they were, He would say 'Let my brother have the first pancake. I can wait.' Quick as a flash Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, 'Bryan, you be Jesus.'
Performing Arts

The Ark Community Book

Author: Dennis White



Category: Performing Arts

Page: 340

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Its an adventure in life-changing. To build a different society that does not rely on Market Forces that have only produced a greedy society of profit, profit, and more profit. This society is no longer fit for purpose, you can help change it. people don't seem to matter any more. It is not going to get any better unless you do something. This group of 'ordinary' people decide to give it a try and become 'extraordinary'. We owe it to our children, we need to tell them 'we got it wrong. Why not join the adventure and see where it leads to? There could be many 'endings' to a venture like this, I have chosen one, it's not the one I would prefer, what would 'you' do?.
Liberalism (Religion)

The Modern Churchman

Author: Henry Dewsbury Alves Major



Category: Liberalism (Religion)


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Vols. for 1926/27-1954 include papers read at the annual conference of Modern Churchmen.

The Meadowford Mysteries - Book Two

Author: Sheila Wright

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 108

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Wood Hall, former home of the late Hepzibah Hamilton-Tracy and scene of a distressing drowning, has become a Hotel. Surprisingly, saucy Amelia has been released from prison to earn her living for the first time, as receptionist. Newcomers to the village set tongues wagging, and it is not long before events take a sinister turn. In the second tale, St. Mildreds church is in dire need of repair and the vague but lovable vicar finds himself in his wifes bad books . but maybe fortunes can be turned around through a starchy lady archeologist who longs to research St. Mildreds musty crypt? Discoveries in the bluebell woods may hold a clue. As usual in the Suffolk village of Meadowford Magna, the unexpected just keeps on happening. What the critics say about the Meadowford Mystery series Author Sheila Wright has cooked up a perfect pair of cosy mysteries set in rural Suffolk, England, in the 1920s. Each has its own murder, but the characters and setting overlap. Mystery fans will love these traditional tales, which read like Agatha Christie or P. D. James. Wright knows her craft, and it shows. Blueink Reviews Wright, born in Leicester, England, just after the era she writes about, creates entertaining characters who embody the mindset of societys elitethe quirky personalities and antics of the characters are amusing and keep the tone light-hearted. Foreword Clarion Review Service In the style of Agatha Christie, Wright fashions a story around a mysterious murder in an English country village. Wright follows in the footsteps of the old masters, and the prose lives up to its stellar antecedents. The hired help speak in their cockney dialect, whilst the upper classes converse with the delicate articulation one would expect of someone in their echelon. The characters have depth and presence.. however recognizable, the characters wont be denied their charisma.the colorful images of life in post-Great War England elicit the charm of a bygone era. Once again, a formulaic element comes into play, but when done this well, it adds to, rather than subtracts from, the storyline. For anyone in the mood to solve a murder mystery while taking a pleasurable romp through merry olde England, it would be a crime to miss this one. Kirkus Indie A review service from Kirkus Reviews Sheila Wright M.A. (nee Jones) was born in Leicester, England, in1939. Married to Ron, music teacher and Bandmaster, home a Tudor farmhouse. Seven children and numerous grandchildren. Sheila is an Anglican Reader, taught in village schools for twenty years, and in retirement gardens, paints, sings, plays violin and writes books. Look out for more stories of these eccentric villagers in Book One of the Meadowford Mystery series. In time, hopefully, you will discover further stories in Book Three! Cover pictures by the

The Vicar of Christ

Author: Walter F. Murphy

Publisher: Quid Pro Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 632

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The New York Times Bestselling novel is now available in modern digital formats, featuring a new, substantive Foreword by Justice Samuel Alito. This book is universally considered to be an unusual, fascinating, and well-written observation of the life of a man who was first a war hero and Medal of Honor winner from the Korean War, then Chief Justice of the United States, later a monk reeling from tragedy, and finally elected to be Pope: Pope Francis I, in fact. His exciting life is described by three men who 'knew him well.' The first narrator is a Marine, telling of their time together in Korea. A constitutional scholar and Supreme Court Justice, appalled at the new Chief Justice, narrates the second phase. The third is a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church: fat, kind, but distracted. The Marine cares for him the most, the Supreme Court Justice condescends and despises him, and the Cardinal is much more interested in food than his subject. But Declan Walsh was a man who earned the Medal of Honor while ordering the death of friends, ruled pragmatically and energetically on the Court but lost his way to death and neglect, and became a miraculous healer, assassinated for challenging the powers that rule the secular world. New ebook edition features proper formatting, active and detailed Table of Contents, and linked notes and URLs in Justice Alito's extensive and informative introduction. What makes this book extraordinary is that it proves itself by paradox — reconciling and weaving together strong, seemingly incompatible elements into a cohesive, memorable work quite unlike any other in recent fiction. Ambitious in length and scope, the stage is nothing less than the contemporary world, its recent history and prophecy; while the focus, from several points of view, is clearly upon a single man — an American — who rises to become Bishop of Rome.
Biography & Autobiography

The Piozzi Letters: 1805-1810

Author: Hester Lynch Piozzi

Publisher: University of Delaware Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 358

View: 802

Volume 4 describes one of the most traumatic periods of Hester Lynch Piozzi's life, when she could no longer believe that Gabriel Piozzi's attacks of gout were to be endured as a typically gentrified English condition.

Folksinger's Wordbook

Author: Oak Publications

Publisher: Oak Publications


Category: Music

Page: 432

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A first-rate collection of words to more than 1,000 songs, loosely categorised as folk songs...grouped by general themes and indexed by title. Lyrics and guitar chords.