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Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

Author: Mike Isaac

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


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Named one of the best books of the year by NPR, Fortune, Bloomberg, Sunday Times A New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice “If you want to understand modern-day Silicon Valley, you need to read this book.” —John Carreyrou, New York Times best-selling author of Bad Blood Hailed as the definitive book on Uber and Silicon Valley, Super Pumped is an epic story of ambition and deception, obscene wealth, and bad behavior that explores how blistering technological and financial innovation culminated in one of the most catastrophic twelve-month periods in American corporate history. Backed by billions in venture capital dollars and led by a brash and ambitious founder, Uber promised to revolutionize the way we move people and goods through the world. What followed would become a corporate cautionary tale about the perils of startup culture and a vivid example of how blind worship of startup founders can go wildly wrong.
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Summary of Mike Isaac's Super Pumped

Author: Milkyway Media

Publisher: Milkyway Media


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Buy now to get the main key ideas from Mike Isaac's Super Pumped Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber (2019) covers the events between the founding of Uber and the ousting of its hard-driving CEO, Travis Kalanick. Based on hundreds of interviews with current and former Uber employees, as well as previously disclosed documents, New York Times reporter Mike Isaac reveals the details behind the dramatic rise and fall of Uber. Uber was described by the media as “fast-growing,” “pugnacious,” and a “juggernaut.” Thousands of young engineers believed landing a job at Uber meant realizing their dreams of tech riches. Twelve-hour workdays and a nonexistent social life became things to be celebrated, the markers of the “hustle culture” and “super pumped-ness” that Kalanick embodied. Many believed that tech founders were remaking the world – making it smarter and more efficient. However, the world of uninhibited technological progress soon came to a screeching halt, and so did Kalanick’s days at Uber.
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9 From the Nine Worlds

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Young Adult Fiction

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An all-new collection of short stories from the world of Magnus Chase! Travel the Nine Worlds with your favourite characters from the world of Magnus Chase in a brand-new series of adventures. Find out why Amir Fadlan hates clothes shopping in Midgard, see how Mallory Keen learns in icy Niflheim that insulting a dragon can be a good idea, and join Alex Fierro as they play with fire (and a disco sword) in the home of the fire giants, Muspellheim. But watch out for Thor, who is jogging through all Nine Worlds so he can log his million steps - and is raising quite a stink . . .
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Accountable Leaders

Author: Vince Molinaro

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


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Page: 272

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Proven methods to push your organization to its maximum potential with responsible leadership Accountable Leaders is the real-world guide to propelling your business to extraordinary levels of performance and achievement. Leadership accountability is a major issue in organizations around the globe. Research has shown that teams and individual employees are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the degree of accountability demonstrated by their leaders. Effective teams need responsible and accountable leaders—the solution seems simple. Yet, thousands of businesses are struggling with mediocre performance and widening gaps in leadership. This essential resource provides practical and no-nonsense strategies to transform any organization into a cohesive, highly motivated culture of accountable leaders and fully committed teams. Bestselling author Dr. Vince Molinaro shares his proven methods of optimal leadership accountability, providing a step-by-step blueprint for leaders in any organization. Developed from years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies build strong leaders and effective teams, this book will enable you to: Build strong leadership accountability to leverage competitive advantage, increase team performance, and close the leadership gap in your organization Understand why gaps in leadership occur and recognize accountability issues in your own organization Develop an effective strategy to instill a culture of accountability and responsibility in your business Identify and implement organizational practices that encourage accountable leadership throughout your management structure Accountable Leaders is a vital guide for anyone who leads a team: from managers and supervisors, to CEOs and CHROs. This invaluable guide will provide the tools and knowledge to take you and your organization to incredible levels of performance and achievement.
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Wild Ride

Author: Adam Lashinsky

Publisher: Penguin


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In your pocket is something amazing: a quick and easy way to summon a total stranger who will take you anywhere you’d like. In your hands is something equally amazing: the untold story of Uber’s meteoric rise, and the massive ambitions of its larger-than-life founder and CEO. Before Travis Kalanick became famous as the public face of Uber, he was a scrappy, rough-edged, loose-lipped entrepreneur. And even after taking Uber from the germ of an idea to a $69 billion global transportation behemoth, he still describes his company as a start-up. Like other Silicon Valley icons such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, he’s always focused on the next disruptive innovation and the next world to conquer. Both Uber and Kalanick have acquired a reputation for being combative, relentless, and iron-fisted against competitors. They’ve inspired both admiration and loathing as they’ve flouted government regulators, thrown the taxi industry into a tailspin, and stirred controversy over possible exploitation of drivers. They’ve even reshaped the deeply ingrained consumer behavior of not accepting a ride from a stranger—against the childhood warnings from everyone’s parents. Wild Ride is the first truly inside look at Uber’s global empire. Veteran journalist Adam Lashinsky, the bestselling author of Inside Apple, traces the origins of Kalanick’s massive ambitions in his humble roots, and he explores Uber’s murky beginnings and the wild ride of its rapid growth and expansion into different industries. Lashinsky draws on exclusive, in-depth interviews with Kalanick and many other sources who share new details about Uber’s internal and external power struggles. He also examines its doomed venture into China and the furtive fight between Kalanick and his competitors at Google, Tesla, Lyft, and GM over self-driving cars. Lashinsky even got behind the wheel as an Uber driver himself to learn what it’s really like. Uber has made headlines thanks to its eye-popping valuations and swift expansion around the world. But this book is the first account of how Uber really became the giant it is today, and how it plans to conquer the future.
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Disasters, Fires and Rescues

Author: Daniel Knowles

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


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This Book has stories about Little Bobby and me, along with numerous others and some of the calls that we went on during the period of time of about 13 years with the Squad and also away from it. I first met the Mascot in June of 1955 to about 1963 when our lives took different paths, and we drifted away from each other for the next 47 or so years, except for special occasions when we met up at certain functions, including many major calls of the later 60s, and 70s, the riots in 1967, when Martin Luther King was killed, the 14th Street Bridge plane crash in the Potomac River.

Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book

Author: Robert Hamburger

Publisher: Citadel Press


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Page: 160

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Dear Stupid Idiots, A lot of you have been saying that I don't know anything about REAL ninjas. But that's a bunch of bull crap! You dummies don't know anything. And maybe YOU should get a life. I bet a lot of you have never even seen a girl naked! You idiots believe that ninjas had some "code of honor." Yeah right! If by "code of honor," you mean "code to flip out and go nuts for absolutely no reason at all even if it means that people might think you are totally insane or sweet," then you are right. But if you mean a "code to be nice and speak nicely while sharing and not cutting off heads," then you're the biggest idiot ever!!!!!! So if you have any brains, you will shut up and get a life. So go shut up, you stupid idiot. No thank you, Robert Hamburger