The Secret of Happiness Locked in Your Fears

Author: Zsuzsanna Fajcsak-Simon

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 420

View: 729

This book outlines Dr. Zsu’s international program “Live Your Life Alive.” The program has brought sustained change for many thousands of people around the world. This book consists of two parts: the past and the future. Understanding your past, transforming our fears, setting up new goals, which are in line with your true self and part of your empowering lifespan, are the essence of this book. You will discover page by page your limiting blocks, learn to let go, and liberate yourself via your life skills, which makes you experience change. The book holds the hand of the reader while experiencing change.

Tame Your Fears

Author: Carol Kent

Publisher: Tyndale House


Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 713

This Bible study examines 10 fears common to most women and suggests ways to overcome such fears by using them as stepping stones to deeper faith, renewed confidence, and sincere reverence for a powerful and loving God.

Fear, Phobias and Freedom

Author: Dan Brooks

Publisher: BalboaPress


Category: Self-Help

Page: 188

View: 770

This book can forever change how you think about your inner fears. Based on field studies and the authors own life experience, Fear, Phobias, and Freedom will take you on a fantastic journey of discovering the root of all fear and how it affects every cell in your body. This book, written from the perspective of the layperson, can help you discover how every thought you have, positive or negative, has a lasting chemical reaction in the body. When we learn how to let go of fear and stress, we can alter the outcome of our health and happiness. We will guide you on a comprehensive journey in understanding the two base ingredients of all fears and phobias. You will be shown how your fear is used by others to control your daily life. This step-by-step guide is designed to build your understanding of fear and then effective techniques that will give you actual results and put you on the path to true happiness.
Health & Fitness

The Healthy Pregnancy Book

Author: William Sears

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 464

View: 334

From America's leading authorities in childcare comes the definitive guide to having a healthy pregnancy -- and a healthy baby. The Healthy Pregnancy Cookbook guides expectant mothers and fathers through all stages of pregnancy from preconception through birth, focusing on how to enhance the health of mother and baby: How to grow a smarter and healthier baby How your baby is developing, and how you may be changing both emotionally and physically Eating right for two, with a helpful list of pregnancy superfoods Exercise and keeping fit during your pregnancy Concerns and questions you may have about test and technology, genetic counseling, and childbirth options How to protect the womb environment and recognize potential household hazards Advice on working while pregnant Choosing the right healthcare provider and childbirth class The transition into parenthood And much more... Written in the Searses' trademark reassuring tone that makes their books long-term bestsellers, The Healthy Pregnancy Book is the must-have resource to fit the greater demands of today's savvy parents.
Body, Mind & Spirit

101 Exercises for the Soul

Author: Bernie S. Siegel

Publisher: New World Library


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 190

View: 654

In these pages, Dr. Bernie S. Siegel offers 101 simple exercises for the soul, a divine plan for healing yourself and transforming your life. With his trademark humor and insight, he becomes your "workout coach,” giving you this wonderful series of short and easy-to-apply exercises to help you achieve your potential and live a more peaceful, loving, and fulfilling life. As Bernie writes in the introduction, "Before you know it, you will begin to notice how your life has taken on more meaning and how much better you feel.…The Force is with you. Believe me.”
Self-actualization (Psychology)

The Enchanted Time Traveller

Author: Mal Mohanlal

Publisher: Dr Mal Mohanlal


Category: Self-actualization (Psychology)

Page: 165

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Author: Roman Harambura and Ilona Schultz

Publisher: Partridge Singapore


Category: Philosophy

Page: 162

View: 737

Life is becoming increasingly more complicated, speeding up to the point where we don't have enough time to achieve everything we'd like. To compensate, we seek fulfilment and enrichment outside of ourselves in an attempt to bring clarity and happiness into our lives and to find some meaning and purpose. Yet, we rarely question why we feel the way we do or how we ended up in the situations we find ourselves in today. In Entrapment, authors Ilona Schultz and Roman Harambura seek to address those questions to help us understand ourselves and to show we are completely responsible for both what we experience and how we process and comprehend those experiences. Schultz and Harambura provide tools to help us carry out the necessary self-examination through which we can achieve personal happiness. This guide acts as a starting point to help you understand how you have become the person you are today--what has shaped your understanding, your beliefs, and your fears and how these have impacted your life on a daily basis and overall. The lessons presented in Entrapment help you pinpoint what is holding you back from finding and maintaining personal happiness and fulfilment.
Business & Economics

Rediscover Creative Confidence: 15 Proven Ways to Overcome Fear and Become a Superstar!

Author: Marlon Truce

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 57

View: 818

Is fear putting a stop to your success? Are you wishing to have that creative confidence in order to start moving out of your shell? Rediscover Creative Confidence! This book will show you 15 proven ways to face your fears which suppress confidence and hinder your growth and development as a person. o What you get in this easy to follow guide? o Proven ways to rediscover creative confidence o Proven ways to overcome fear o How to draft out ideas and develop it o How to bring plans into action o How to make your obligation a passion o How team work boosts creative confidence We all have creative confidence as a child. As we age, that creative confidence has been suppressed by many factors such as fear. Combat fear and release your creativity within now!

Women of Courage, Women of Destiny

Author: Dr. Anita Michelle Jackson

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press


Category: Self-Help


View: 238

Imagine living your life without feelings of anxiety, worry, or crippling fear. Imagine feeling confident in who you are so much so that you allow yourself to fully be seen, heard, and experienced in every area of your life as well as in your business. Imagine feeling and being so confident that you have no fears about of being rejected, judged, or abandoned. Instead, you are free to be fully expressed in your gifts, talents, abilities, dreams, and desires. What an amazing life we would all live if we were courageous enough to move through our fears, develop unshakeable faith that leads us to continually experience our divine birthright…freedom. Whether is speaking on a stage, or moving beyond your comfort zone, or climbing a mountain, or letting go of old beliefs, this book will empower you to make a new decision in becoming a woman of courage, a woman of destiny. Each chapter will move you through experiences of fear, the journey of finding faith in God and one’s self, and the prize that comes from enduring to the end and finally feeling and being free enough to change the course of destiny. Grab your favorite tea, relax, and be inspired!
Family & Relationships

Contemplating Divorce

Author: Susan Pease Gadoua

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 548

Just as there are right and wrong reasons to marry, there are good and bad reasons to divorce. Some couples are quick to split because they are unwilling to devote the necessary effort to fixing their relationships or to understanding their partners, while others miss out on personal fulfillment by staying too long in unhealthy marriages. This insightful and practical guide, written by a therapist with nearly a decade of experience counseling those considering divorce, will help you evaluate your marriage to determine whether you should stay or go. Without bias toward or against the option of divorce, Contemplating Divorce includes helpful tools to guide you to the right decision. Use the tests and relationship evaluations to assess your level of fulfillment in your marriage Learn about the five types of needs happy marriages satisfy Find out how to fix 'problem areas' in your relationship Plan for the future, whether you decide to stay or move on This is a much-needed book. The anxiety in making a life-changing decision is sometimes overwhelming. It is of immense help to have a coach like Susan Pease Gadoua! -John Bradshaw, best-selling author of Homecoming and Creating Love Better than therapy! Pease Gadoua allows the reader who is contemplating any great change to process the pros and cons in the confines of his or her own heart and mind, leaving no chance for those on the fence to skip out on the truth. A must-read for any transition. -Joan Anderson, bestselling author of A Year by the Sea, An Unfinished Marriage, A Walk on the Beach, and The Second Journey Making an appointment to see a divorce lawyer doesn't mean that the person I am advising necessarily needs or wants a divorce. With Pease Gadoua's wise, thorough, and accessible book, Contemplating Divorce, at last there is a resource I can give to confused and unhappy clients who think the marriage may be over but can't decide whether the embers are truly dead or not. -Pauline H. Tesler, author of Collaborative Divorce and Collaborative Law An exceptional and outstanding book for all those considering making the life-altering decision to divorce. Pease Gadoua offers profound personal insight and practical guidance that empowers adults to find clarity, overcome hurdles, and make the best choices for the future of their relationships. I wholeheartedly recommend Contemplating Divorce to men and women alike. -Helene Taylor, Esq., president and founder of