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Pittsburgh Sports Firsts

Author: Alliance of Esteemed Duquesne Scribes

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

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Countless groundbreaking moments in the nation's sports history were made on the gridirons, courts, fields, ice rinks and ballparks of Pittsburgh. Duquesne's Chuck Cooper was the first African American player drafted by the NBA. Beloved local radio station KDKA produced the first-ever broadcast of a Major League Baseball game. The Pittsburgh Stars were the first NFL champions in 1902. The first nighttime World Series game was played in the Steel City, and the only game seven World Series walk-off homerun happened there too. The city boasts compelling claims as the birthplace of pro hockey, pro football and college basketball. Some of the most preeminent authors and sports historians of Western Pennsylvania capture the vivid moments that make Pittsburgh a city of historic sports firsts.
Business & Economics

Sports in America from Colonial Times to the Twenty-First Century: An Encyclopedia

Author: Steven A. Riess

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1200

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Provides practical help for the day-to-day concerns that keep managers awake at night. This book aims to fill the gap between the legal and policy issues that are the mainstay of human resources and supervision courses and the real-world needs of managers as they attempt to cope with the human side of their jobs.

The Oxford Handbook of Sports History

Author: Robert Edelman

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 561

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Practiced and watched by billions, sport is a global phenomenon. Sport history is a burgeoning sub-field that explores sport in all forms to help answer fundamental questions that scholars examine. This volume provides a reference for sport scholars and an accessible introduction to those who are new to the sub-field.
Antitrust law

Organized Professional Team Sports

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary



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Committee Serial No. 8. pt. 1: Considers legislation on the applicability of the antitrust laws to organize professional sports enterprises. pt. 2: Continuation of hearings on sports teams and antitrust legislation. pt. 3: Continuation of antitrust hearings on professional sports antitrust exemptions.

Pittsburgh’s Greatest Teams

Author: David Finoli

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: Travel

Page: 192

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Pittsburgh is synonymous with winning. From the Penguins and Steelers to the Pirates and Panthers, the Steel City knows championships. The Negro League's Crawford and Homestead Grays are too often overlooked in the city's sports history but were as talented as any team that has played there. Names such as Lemieux, Crosby, Roethlisberger, Bradshaw, Clemente and Stargell are legends of American sport and members of Pittsburgh's most cherished franchises. The 1970s Steelers were known as the Steel Curtain. The Penguins have raised the Stanley Cup five times. Author Dave Finoli ranks the fifty greatest teams that won trophies, brought glory and lifted the hearts of Pittsburgh's devoted sports fans.
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Pittsburgh Steelers

Author: Lew Freedman

Publisher: MVP Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

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The great moments and stories in the history of a legendary franchise, including the players, teams, games, and coaches, presented in brilliant images and informative text.
Biography & Autobiography

Medallion Status

Author: John Hodgman

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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“[An] affecting and hilarious meditation on fame and prestige as seen through the lens of an airline loyalty program.” —The AV Club A hilarious and honest new book in which John Hodgman, New York Times bestselling author of Vacationland, leaves vacation behind and gets back to work as a still somewhat famous person . . . and then loses his job. An uproarious read. After spending most of his twenties pursuing a career as a literary agent, John Hodgman decided to try his own hand at writing. Following an appearance to promote one of his books on The Daily Show, he was invited to return as a contributor. This led to an unexpected and, frankly, implausible career in front of the camera that has lasted to this very day, or at least until 2016. In these pages, Hodgman explores the strangeness of his career, speaking plainly of fame, especially at the weird, marginal level he enjoyed it. Through these stories you will learn many things that only John Hodgman knows, such as how to prepare for a nude scene with an oboe, or what it feels like to go to a Hollywood party and realize that you are not nearly as famous as the Property Brothers, or, for that matter, those two famous corgis from Instagram. And there are stories about how, when your television gig is canceled, you can console yourself with the fact that all of that travel that made your young son so sad at least left you with a prize: platinum medallion status with your airline. Both unflinchingly funny and deeply heartfelt, Medallion Status is a thoughtful examination of status, fame, and identity--and about the way we all deal with those moments when we realize we aren't platinum status anymore and will have to get comfortable in that middle seat again.
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Sports in American History

Author: Gerald R. Gems

Publisher: Human Kinetics


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 416

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Sports in American History: From Colonization to Globalization, Third Edition With HKPropel Access, helps students grasp the compelling evolution of American sporting practices. This text examines sports history as a social and cultural phenomenon, generates a better understanding of current practices in sport, and considers future developments in American sport. This comprehensive resource explores sport through various historical periods—including premodern America, colonial times, and the modern era. Sports in American History, Third Edition, features critical new content that will provide a framework for understanding how and why sport intersects with many facets of American society: Examination of how women, racial minorities, and ethnic and religious groups have influenced U.S. sporting culture Highlights of contemporary issues affecting sport in the twenty-first century, including the Covid-19 pandemic; social justice movements; changes in name, image, and likeness policy; and sports technology Reorganized content about sporting experiences in early America that highlight the most influential moments Updated People and Places features and International Perspective sidebars that introduce key figures in sports history to provide a global understanding of sport Full-length articles from the scholarly journal Sport History Review, delivered online through HKPropel, that supplement the article excerpts and associated discussion questions found in the text Sports in American History, Third Edition, is unique in its level of detail, broad time frame, and focus on the evolving definitions of physical activity and games. Primary documents—including newspaper excerpts, illustrations, photographs, historical writings, quotations, and posters—provide firsthand accounts that will not only inform and fascinate students but also provide a well-rounded perspective on the historical development of American sport. Time lines of major milestones in sport and society provide context in each chapter, and an extensive bibliography features primary and secondary sources in American sports history. A starting point into the intriguing field of sports history, this book will help students better understand the complexities of sport in the American experience and grasp how cultural factors and historical events have shaped sport differently in the United States than in other parts of the world. Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is not included with this ebook but may be purchased separately.
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International Sport

Author: Richard William Cox

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 88

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Provides bibliographical references to books, articles, essays, and conference proceedings covering a variety of topics relating to sports.
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Chronology of Latin Americans in Baseball, 1871äóñ2015

Author: Lou Hernández

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 232

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This combination reference book and history covers the inroads and achievements made on professional ball fields by Latin American athletes, the Major Leagues’ greatest international majority. Following an “on this date in Hispanic baseball history” format, the author takes a commemorative look at generations of players from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America, from the earliest pioneers through the well-known stars of today. There are two appendices: first Latinos by franchise; and an extensive chronological listing of Latino milestones by country. The book is fully indexed by players, teams, ballparks, and other contributors to Latino baseball history.