Perspectives and Strategies for Promoting Safe Transportation Among Older Adults

Author: David W. Eby

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Transportation

Page: 292

View: 550

Promoting Safe Transportation among Older Adults: Perspectives and Strategies provides a concise, comprehensive, and up-to-date resource on safe mobility for an aging population. The book offers an interdisciplinary perspective for understanding and influencing the behavior of older adults with regard to their safe transportation. It is organized around the professions and disciplines that have a stake in the safe transportation of older adults and the role they play at each stage of their mobility needs. The book also addresses the various strategies that have been used to help keep older adults safe and mobile. Readers will find great insights on key issues related to aging and mobility, giving them an overarching framework for how to maintain safe mobility into older adulthood. The book enables readers to understand the perspectives of the critical groups of people involved in keeping older people safe and explores existing strategies by which an aging individual can maintain safe mobility. Utilizes a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach for examining the complexities of transportation for older adults Offers an integrated, overarching narrative for understanding the key issues of safety and mobility in our aging society Written by leading transportation and health scholars Offers insights into the perspectives of all the stakeholders, such as hands-on transportation and health practitioners, students of varying levels, researchers and policymakers

The Strategic Perspective and Long-Term Socioeconomic Strategies for Israel

Author: Steven W. Popper

Publisher: Rand Corporation


Category: History

Page: 186

View: 368

RAND researchers supported a high-level Israeli government team tasked with improving long-term socioeconomic strategy for the state. This report highlights selected inputs made to the government team to summarize the essential mechanics and roles for bringing a strategic perspective to policy consideration. To show how one can use a strategic perspective in an analysis of policy choices, the report uses the example of an aging population.

Feature Papers ”Age-Friendly Cities & Communities: State of the Art and Future Perspectives”

Author: Joost van Hoof

Publisher: MDPI


Category: Medical

Page: 646

View: 355

The "Age-Friendly Cities & Communities: States of the Art and Future Perspectives" publication presents contemporary, innovative, and insightful narratives, debates, and frameworks based on an international collection of papers from scholars spanning the fields of gerontology, social sciences, architecture, computer science, and gerontechnology. This extensive collection of papers aims to move the narrative and debates forward in this interdisciplinary field of age-friendly cities and communities.

Caring for the Older Adult

Author: Patricia O'Neill

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 329

View: 139

CARING FOR THE OLDER ADULT: A HEALTH PROMOTION PERSPECTIVE is a concise, straightforward LPN/LVN textbook covering the essentials of gerontologic nursing from a strong health promotion perspective. The nature of normal aging, as well as disorders common to the elderly, are discussed. This resource also addresses concepts and issues related to promoting both physical and psychological health in an aging population. The engaging, easy-to-read, informal writing style draws the reader into the subject while conveying important information.
Technology & Engineering

Maintaining Safe Mobility in an Aging Society

Author: David W. Eby

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 248

View: 858

By 2030, 20 percent of the world’s drivers, 60 million in all, will be over the age of 65. Consequently, safe and efficient mobility for older adults is a complex and pressing issue. Maintaining Safe Mobility in an Aging Society addresses the complexities surrounding the booming number of aging drivers and practical solutions for sustaining safe transportation for this growing group. This plainspoken resource informs safe mobility discussions on a variety of areas, including: Necessary skills for safe driving and how age affects them Current evidence on how medical conditions and medication hinder driving skills Comprehensive screening description and assessment practices, issues, and tools Sensitive ways to help older drivers transition into driving cessation Impact of advanced vehicle technology on aging drivers Approaches to strengthening safety-conscious licensing policies Draws the Significant Link Between Mobility and Well Being In addition to discussing how age impacts both the risk and severity of accidents and the link between mobility and well-being, this authoritative work discusses means to achieve safer mobility, including roadway design and community transportation options. Authored by driver safety and awareness experts, it covers psychological and physical changes associated with age (both normal and pathological), including an important but rarely explored aspect of dementia known as wandering behavior. It also addresses the role of emerging technology. Maintaining Safe Mobility in an Aging Society is a concise reference that encompasses an impressive breadth of ready-to-access information. Thorough and systematically organized, it is a groundbreaking and indispensable resource for those providing services to seniors as well as those responsible for transportation policy and design.
Health & Fitness

Diverse Perspectives on Aging in a Changing World

Author: Gillian Joseph

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 246

View: 505

Focusing on under-researched aspects of social, economic and political change, this volume offers fresh insights into aging, older people and their families. It combines an international and interdisciplinary approach. Chapters explore the contexts in which family roles, institutional practices, public policies and social and cultural discourses evolve, connecting analyses of aging issues and policy development with sound research practices, as well as previously-ignored gaps in professional practice. Topics covered include politics and policy, health and social care, culture and migration, urban and rural sociology, gender studies, technology and economics. The book will be of particular interest to students and researchers in gerontology, community development, geography and population studies, along with researchers and professionals in physiotherapy, nursing and social work.

Sedentary Behavior and Health

Author: Weimo Zhu

Publisher: Human Kinetics


Category: Science

Page: 456

View: 536

From office jobs and long commutes to passive entertainment like television and video games, humans are sitting more than ever. Though lack of exercise has major health consequences, researchers are now examining the additional and widespread health risk of the simple act of sitting for extended periods. With research from leading scientists, Sedentary Behavior and Health: Concepts, Assessments, and Interventions presents evidence on sedentary behavior, its apparent health risks, and suggestions on measuring and altering this behavior. The highly respected international author team provides an interdisciplinary review of current research, examining scientific, public health, and broader social questions about the implications of sedentary behavior. These topics include humans’ physiological predispositions, exacerbation of current health conditions like obesity and diabetes, and the design and ergonomics of offices and chairs. To examine the many facets of this developing area of study, Sedentary Behavior and Health is divided into five parts: • “Sedentary Behavior Concepts and Context” reviews the physiology of sedentary behavior, investigating current habits from the perspectives of evolution, industrial engineering, and design. • “Sedentary Behavior and Health” explores the relationship between sedentary behavior and several major chronic diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and low-back pain. • “Measuring and Analyzing Sedentary Behavior” explains research methods for understanding and measuring sedentary behavior in order to recognize patterns and design interventions. • “Sedentary Behavior and Subpopulations” covers issues, risks, and behaviors in groups such as children, working adults, older adults, and minorities. • “Changing Sedentary Behavior” provides methods and recommendations for improvement with environmental, social, community, worksite, and technology-based interventions. Included in this groundbreaking text are learning objectives, key concepts, and study questions to focus attention on key issues and reinforce concepts. Reviews of the literature in the field are presented, many with comparisons in table form, to provide the full scope of research. Sidebars throughout the text apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. Inactivity is mismatched with many aspects of humans’ genetic makeup. While it is becoming the new norm, the consequences of this behavior are emerging as a public health threat. Sedentary Behavior and Health will serve as a key reference for the rapidly emerging research area of sedentary behavior.
Social Science

International Perspectives on Age-Friendly Cities

Author: Kelly G. Fitzgerald

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 286

View: 656

This book brings together recent scholarly work concerned with efforts around the world to transform cities so that they are more age-friendly. Common to all of the initiatives is recognition of the importance of the community environment for the well-being of the rapidly growing numbers of older people. The collection includes chapters that examine the circumstances in which communities currently undertake significant age-friendly initiatives, public-private collaboration in age-friendly initiatives, collaboration across institutional sectors in age-friendly initiatives, policies that facilitate age-friendly developments, and the bases upon which age-friendly initiatives should be evaluated. It will be of interest to scholars in various fields including urban planning, gerontology, transportation planning, environmental design, and adult education.

Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults

Author: Karen Barney

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 528

View: 711

Look no further for the book that provides the information essential for successful practice in the rapidly growing field of gerontological occupational therapy! Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults is a new, comprehensive text edited by OT and gerontological experts Karen Frank Barney and Margaret Perkinson that takes a unique interdisciplinary and collaborative approach in covering every major aspects of geriatric gerontological occupational therapy practice. With 30 chapters written by 70 eminent leaders in gerontology and OT, this book covers the entire continuum of care for the aging population along with special considerations for this rapidly growing demographic. This innovative text also covers topical issues spanning the areas of ethical approaches to treatment; nutrition and oral health concerns; pharmacological issues; low vision interventions; assistive technology supports; and more to ensure readers are well versed in every aspect of this key practice area. UNIQUE! Intraprofessional and interprofessional approach to intervention emphasizes working holistically and collaboratively in serving older adults. Case examples help you learn to apply new information to actual patient situations. Questions at the end of each chapter can be used for discussion or other learning applications. Chapter on evidence-based practice discusses how to incorporate evidence into the clinical setting. Chapter on ethics provides a deeper understanding of how to address challenging ethical dilemmas. UNIQUE! Chapter on the wide range of physiological changes among the aging patient population highlights related occupational performance issues. UNIQUE! Chapter on oral health explores the challenges faced by older adults.