Biography & Autobiography

Made in British Columbia

Author: Maria Tippett

Publisher: Harbour Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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Is there such a thing as British Columbia culture, and if so, is there anything special about it? This is the broad question Dr. Maria Tippett answers in this work with an assured “yes!” To prove her point she looks at the careers of eight ground-breaking cultural producers in the fields of painting, aboriginal art, architecture, writing, theatre and music. The eight creative figures profiled in Made in British Columbia are not just distinguished artists who made an enduring mark on Canadian culture during the twentieth century. They are unique artists whose work is intimately interwoven with British Columbia’s identity. Emily Carr portrayed BC’s coastal landscape in a manner as unique as her lifestyle. Bill Reid’s carvings, jewellery and sculpture stand as a contemporary interpretation of his reclaimed Haida heritage. The name Francis Rattenbury is less known than The Empress Hotel in Victoria, one of many prominent BC buildings he designed, while Arthur Erickson’s modern architectural contributions are recognized worldwide. Martin Allerdale Grainger’s experience in the BC woods in the early days of hand-logging inspired him to write one of the undisputed classics of BC fiction, Woodsmen of the West. Jean Coulthard struggled for respect as a female composer during the 1920s and 1930s in British Columbia but eventually proved her extraordinary musical talents internationally. George Woodcock left Britain in 1949 to forge his career as an influential author, editor, mentor and tireless promoter of literary scholarship in the province, while playwright George Ryga, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, exposed the anguish and reality of life for Native women in our cities with his 1967 play, The Ecstasy of Rita Joe. Featuring images of the artists and their works, Made in British Columbia presents a history of the treasures found in our galleries, concert halls, theatres, museums, libraries and streetscapes, and explores the legacy of a cultural tradition as unique as the place that nurtured it.

Postsecondary Education in British Columbia

Author: Robert Cowin

Publisher: UBC Press


Category: Education

Page: 244

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The literature about postsecondary education in British Columbia has largely focused on public colleges and universities, while paying less attention to vocational colleges, apprenticeship, continuing education, and private institutions. Robert Cowin addresses that gap. He provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of the contemporary provincial postsecondary system and examines the role of social justice, human capital formation, and marketization during five significant transitions. This dynamic approach provides a thoughtful critical analysis of the development of the institutional arrangements – the distribution of institutions by size, mission, type, and location – and policies that have shaped education in the province.
Indians of North America

The Indians of British Columbia

Author: Harry Bertram Hawthorn

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Indians of North America

Page: 499

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Gold in British Columbia

Author: Marino Specogna

Publisher: marino specogna


Category: Science


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A compilation on placer gold and lode gold deposits located in British Columbia.Historic reference data is supplied as is common deposit types. The listings of known gold deposits includes information on geological formation and tonnage and grades.Tabulated lists of gold deposits in British Columbia is also included.This is a compilation and overview of gold in British Columbia by a seasoned explorationist in the field.

Cariboo Gold Rush

Author: Art Downs

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co


Category: History

Page: 140

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In 1858, some 30,000 gold seekers stampeded to the Fraser River. Scores perished during the gruelling journey, but some made their fortune and many pressed on northwards to the creeks of the Cariboo. Originally compiled by Art Downs, founder of Heritage House, this is a vivid and detailed account of the first gold strikes, the miners who made them and the incredible efforts to establish transportation routes and build roads to the Cariboo goldfields. Here are the stories of the legendary Williams Creek diggings, which yielded a golden harvest of over $2.6 million in 1862, and creeks with names like Lightning, Jack of Clubs and Last Chance. Also included are excerpts from Walter B. Cheadle's journals. Cheadle and Lord Viscount Milton became the first tourists to the Cariboo in 1863. Richly descriptive and touched with humour, Cheadle's first-hand account is a fascinating window into Cariboo history.

Marijuana Mass Production Made Easy

Author: Armstrong Publishing, Inc.

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Gardening

Page: 60

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This is the only book of its kind that illustrates what products to use and how its really done. No experience needed to grow 2lbs or more of High Quality BC Bud per 1000w light. Do it right the first time! Our proven food formulas cost pennies per gallon to make. Electricity explained, use up to 32 1000w lights safely. Calendars with scheduled tasks allow harvests every 3 weeks. Illustrated step by step instructions. Eliminate spider mites forever without spraying chemicals, guaranteed !Also included are many tips to prevent problems before they may occur. Blueprints contained within provide anyone with the ability to grow 200lbs of dried bud per year in a grow area of 1000sq ft (20ft x 50ft). Our system is low maintenance and worry free with basic fail safe features allowing you days off for personal time. This is the book that will set a new standard for how marijuana is grown indoors for personal and commercial medical use. Other books are cheaper and only contain general information with a lot of useless filler. This is the condensed version of how to grow that you have been waiting for, we have taken all the guess work out of growing and explained fully how to do it right the first time. The methods in this book can easily be scaled down and applied to small rooms.

Island Wineries of British Columbia

Author: Gary Hynes

Publisher: TouchWood Editions


Category: Cooking

Page: 231

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Winner of the Gourmand International Wine Books Award 2011 for Canada Finalist for the Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice Award, 2012 BC Book Prizes Celebrate the unique flavours, terroir and grape varieties that can be found only on the wine islands off the west coast. A collaborative effort from the writers of EAT Magazine, Island Wineries of British Columbia is your guide to a growing wine culture and the food movement that accompanies it. Starting with the history behind the region's wine production, this book is an intimate conversation with local wine producers-their individual stories, their most memorable creations and where you can find their beautiful wineries. Complete with maps and suggested wine tasting excursions, Island Wineries of British Columbia also explores the islands' meaderies, cideries, fruit wines, artisan distilleries and craft beer. You'll find recipes from some of the region's most talented chefs, including offerings from Café Brio, Camille's, the Sooke Harbour House and Stage Wine Bar; each recipe has an emphasis on local ingredients and provides exquisite pairings of wine and food. Dedicated to profiling the young but successful island wine industry, this book will help you to discover the fresh philosophy that infuses the exciting wine and food culture of the west coast.

Fodor's Vancouver & British Columbia

Author: Caroline Trefler

Publisher: Fodor's


Category: Travel

Page: 257

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Detailed and timely information on accommodations, restaurants, and local attractions highlight these updated travel guides, which feature all-new covers, a two-color interior design, symbols to indicate budget options, must-see ratings, multi-day itineraries, Smart Travel Tips, helpful bulleted maps, tips on transportation, guidelines for shopping excursions, and other valuable features. Original.

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 1

Author: Wayne Campbell

Publisher: UBC Press


Category: Nature

Page: 531

View: 672

This is the first volume in a 4-volume set, which is the culmination of two decades of research and writing. For the first time, the natural history, migration patterns, habitat requirements, reproductive biology, and distribution of the province's birdlife are combined in one publication. This is a reprint of the original volume published in 1990 by the Royal British Columbia Museum and the Canadian Wildlife Service. No changes or updates in content have been made from the original edition.

Forest Act of British Columbia

Author: Canada

Publisher: Aegitas


Category: Law

Page: 164

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There is hereby established a department of Farc5try Government to be called the Forestry Department, hereinafter referred to as the Department. Thesе law will regulate the relations objec around nationality and own forest territories.

The Birds of British Columbia

Author: Robert Wayne Campbell

Publisher: UBC Press


Category: Birds

Page: 531

View: 505

This is the first volume in a 4-volume set, which is the culmination of two decades of research and writing. For the first time, the natural history, migration patterns, habitat requirements, reproductive biology, and distribution of the province's birdlife are combined in one publication. This is a reprint of the original volume published in 1990 by the Royal British Columbia Museum and the Canadian Wildlife Service. No changes or updates in content have been made from the original edition.
Sports & Recreation

Camping British Columbia

Author: Jayne Seagrave

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 256

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Your guide to 150+ provincial and national park campgrounds. The sixth edition of Camping British Columbia describes the location, amenities and recreational activities of every BC provincial and national park that offers vehicle-accessible camping. Camping with kids? Learn which campgrounds have interpretive programs, playgrounds and safe swimming beaches. Don't want to rough it too much? Pick out the provincial and national parks with flush toilets, hot showers and restaurants nearby. Exploring the province in an RV? Find out which campgrounds have sani-stations, hookups and pull-through sites. Presented alphabetically region by region, with maps and easy-to-follow driving directions, these campground listings provide all the information anyone could want and make it easy to compare parks.

Becoming British Columbia

Author: John Belshaw

Publisher: UBC Press


Category: History

Page: 300

View: 199

Becoming British Columbia is the first comprehensive, demographic history of British Columbia. Investigating critical moments in the demographic record and linking demographic patterns to larger social and political questions, it shows how biology, politics, and history conspired with sex, death, and migration to create a particular kind of society. John Belshaw overturns the widespread tendency to associate population growth with progress. He reveals that the province has a long tradition of thinking and acting vigorously in ways meant to control and shape biological communities of humans, and suggests that imperialism, race, class, and gender have historically situated population issues at the centre of public consciousness in British Columbia.

Capital and Labour in the British Columbia Forest Industry, 1934-74

Author: Gordon Hak

Publisher: UBC Press


Category: History

Page: 272

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The history of British Columbia's economy in the twentieth century is inextricably bound to the development of the forest industry. In this comprehensive study, Gordon Hak approaches the forest industry from the perspectives of workers and employers, examining the two institutions that structured the relationship during the Fordist era: the companies and the unions. He relates daily routines of production and profit-making to broader forces of unionism, business ideology, ecological protest, technological change, and corporate concentration. The struggle of the small-business sector to survive in the face of corporate growth, the history of the industry on the Coast and in the Interior, the transformations in capital-labour relations during the period, government forest policy, and the forest industry's encounter with the emerging environmental movement are all considered in this eloquent analysis.

The Study of Religion in British Columbia

Author: Brian J. Fraser

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press


Category: Religion

Page: 137

View: 549

The Study of Religion in British Columbia is a story of enterprise, innovation and isolation. In this unique survey Brian J. Fraser examines the history and development of the institutions of higher education where religion is taught and describes the methods used to understand the religious dimension of human endeavour in Canada’s westernmost province. Fraser analyzes the sources, development and persistence of two distinct approaches to the study of religion in British Columbia: theological studies and religious studies. He traces the early strength and recent expansion of theological studies, especially among conservative evangelical Christians, and sets the creation of British Columbia’s only department of religious studies at the University of British Columbia in this context. He also describes the innovative curricula designed by several of the institutions for the study of religion in the province. Finally, he contends that the differing views on the nature of religion held by these institutions and their constituencies have led to a continuing isolation from each other. The Study of Religion in British Columbia is the latest volume in the Canadian Corporation for the Study of Religion’s series on the study of religion in Canada. Readers interested in the rich diversity of personalities and perspectives that have shaped religious studies in British Columbia will find here a concise description of its evolution and a thought-provoking examination of its significance.

Pioneer Days in British Columbia

Author: Art Downs

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co


Category: History

Page: 160

View: 490

Pioneer Days is a blend of words and photos that proves British Columbia's history is as interesting as that recorded anywhere else in North America. Every article is true, many written or narrated by those who, 100 or more years ago, lived the experiences they relate. Each volume contains 160 pages, plus some 60,000 words of text and over 200 historical photos, many published for the first time.