Learn ITALIAN Swear Words - Italian Swear Words Over F***ING Mandalas + English Translation

Author: Mando Mandala




Page: 110

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You have always wanted to learn Italian? Start with the simplest things! Le parolaccie! (English: Swear Words) Thanks to this coloring book you can learn the most important Italian swear words! You will no longer be afraid of not knowing which is the right one for the situation. The right WORD, in the right place, at the right time. Not Sure What Theme To Start Coloring? Grab One That Has Everything. Incredible Artwork With the Largest Variety of Animals, Mandalas and Paisley Designs. SWEAR WORDS IN EVERY PAGE Various Levels Of Intricacy Keeping You Excited and Inspired To Color! So Many Different Themes To Choose From: Garden Designs, Animals, Mandalas, and Paisley Patterns, Decorative Art. Perfect For Every Skill Level: Great For Growing Your Skills. Perfect With Your Choice Of Coloring Tools (Crayon, Gel Pens, Markers, Colored Pencils). High Resolution Crisp Clean Printing Of Illustrations. Each Coloring Page Is On One Sheet. Printed One Sided. Don't Worry About Bleed Through. Frequently Gifted. This Book Makes The Perfect Gift For Christmas Holidays, Birthday and More. Grab a Set of Pencils To Go With It! Create Your Own Frame-Worthy Masterpieces! About Selah Works Selah Works creates a wide range of coloring books, journal and sketchbooks that help you relax, unwind, and express your creativity. Explore the entire Selah Works collection to find your next coloring or creative adventure. Buy Now & Relax. Scroll to the top of the page and click the Add to Cart button.

My Sweary Italian Coloring: a Sweary Adult Coloring Book, Cursing in Italian with English Translations (Volume 1)

Author: Connie Huffa




Page: 94

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My Sweary Italian Coloring: A Sweary Adult Coloring Book, Cursing in Italian with English translations (Volume 1) Holy Macaroni! This book contains 44 coloring pages with swear words in Italian with translations in English at the back of the book. Sometimes the right word escapes us. But no longer. The author put this book together after struggling with trying to find the right words for a cab driver who took the longest and most expensive way possible from Rome airport to a hotel fifteen minutes away, only to find that the taxi meter was 8 times what it should have been. Why limit yourself to coloring the same boring English curse words when you can color beautiful yet absolutely sophisticatedly filthy words in Italian. Includes 44 unique illustrations in a variety of mandalas, patterns, leaves, hands with fingers Each illustration is printed full-page single-sided for framing and in case of bleed through Illustrations have a variety of intricate and less difficult designs that provide hours of enjoyment The Variety of Pages Ensure There is Something for Every Skill Level, including language learning Recommended for Beginner to Advanced Colorists Includes glossary to help expand your sweary vocabulary Printing is 8.5x11" on bright white paper A perfect gift for Italians, Americans, Italian-Americans, and anyone who loves foreign languages or travel, this book provides hours of relaxing coloring to help shade away stress and anxiety, while having a good laugh. This is a great stocking stuffer, birthday gift, for friends, family, coworkers, even a gag gift to yourself, your favorite diva, and you know who you are. TAGS: adult coloring books, swear word coloring book, swear word adult coloring book, sweary coloring book, adult swear word coloring book, adult coloring books best sellers, coloring books for adults relaxation, artists illustrators, mandalas, stress relieving patterns, coloring pages for adults, meditation, mindfulness meditation, nature mandalas coloring books for grownups, anti-stress management, Sweary Words coloring book ,swear coloring book, cursing coloring book, gift, travel, italian, gag, coworker, friend, holiday, christmas, birthday, sweary words coloring book, the sweary coloring book, sweary coloring book, swearing coloring book , swear word coloring book

Valley of the Damned

Author: Douglas Laurent

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 486

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Valley of the Damned Epic Martial Arts/Allegorical Life Poem Close ranks and join in Battle Royal far beyond all human sensibilities with Valley of the Damned as the tenacious tome engages the worldwide Forces of Evil for all of humanities sake! Valley is an action-adventure martial-arts story and is designed as an interactive karate kata, a mirror, a Zen meditative rock garden, a mandala, a guide to the classical Underworld, a strategic soul-map and life-labrinth in which to see yourself and the "musing's upon" humanity of the great and awesome "Celestial Powers That Be." Pilgrim, if you're going to ride with those three killer-phantoms, best saddle up and strap in, because they are looking for you! Poem Info: For millennia, Epic poems have been some of the world's most powerful sources of inspiration, capturing the high essence of gods, heroes, romances, glories, tragedies and monsters. From Homer's Odyssey to The Aeneid, Arthur and Beowulf, and from Gilgamesh to The Mahbhrata and The Divine Comedy, these larger than life tales transcend time, revealing to humanity our innermost secrets, dreamsand nightmares. Conveying a deep sense of the mystical, Epics carry with them a sweeping sense of life in the fullest measure, as men and women of renown stand tall against the backdrop of history and destiny, our presentand futurebeing firmly rooted in the past . . . Valhalla! Norse gods, spirits o'war, shades, swordketeering pallorous ghost traces, soulpires, jowling grunting pigmen and slavering wolveweres, spectres, wraiths, banshees and other mind-lacerating night-haunting creatures of untold dread all come together in this Epic action-packed, martial arts adventure never before heard of tale on earthThe Valley of the Damned! In this, the "Forgotten tale that no one knows, except those who enter therein," all are invited to venture into the exotic, serrating, unseen Netherworld of the dead, where fragmented remnants of driven spirits contend with each other for power and control over kingdoms, unspeakable legions of fallen shades, and the most prized possession of allthe immortal human soul! Ride now with three killer-phantoms on their quest to pursue the vainglorious sneering karate movie superstar Mark Theman for his soulthe despised arrogant human whom all spirits desire to capture for their own sinister purposes! Trail the perpetual teenage Valkyrie Kari, mass-battle artist, known for her mesmerizing psychotically poetic-sword s'kills and who will confront "any and all never odd or even" risks to win. Shadowing her is the jackal-like Angel-Heart, amoral sword-slingin'duelist who always dogs her, never missing an opportunity to exploit and track with Dark Storm, merciless bounty huntress who will stop at nothing in order to seize the power that Theman possesseshis soulish living human aura! Based upon the works of cinematic masters such as Japanese director Akira Kurosawa (The Seven Samurai, 1954) and Italian director Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 1966), Valley is constructed as a movie. Words, sentences and stanzas function as camera shots for full lucid visual impact, pulling readers in and out of their own self-made focal mindset realizations of delight or horror that can only but belong to their own innermost soul-searching intertwined personal Netherscapes! From the mortal aspect, what is covered in the Epic is a survey of the modern American martial arts scene. A study of souls in action, readers may recognize that Valley is a social commentary, allowing insight into the deadly, bizarre, icy undercurrents and riptides of the unseen "Martial Art Deadlands"the Field of Marsthat many trod today, as must the bloody countless who are yet to come. Rich in visual and audio description and replete with scores of villainous and heroic spirits, Valley is an outrageous tale of valor and woe, bravery and cowardiceof damnation and redemptionplayed out on an immense spiritual killing field where spectral phantoms are tried and tested in the fires of their (and our) own passions. In Valley readers will: Enter the grotesque Market of the Soul where long-lost warriors screetch and claw in vain to recapture their former glory! Sit with the great Warlords of all climes, times and dimensions and listen to Motion-Effectrix Artifex St. Kari of the Blade, Val-kid extraswordinaire spin inspirangular tales of gallantry as Evil lurks about waiting to devour the unwaryand then follow her into glaringly-beyond hellishly lunacidal pitched battle Join with Mark Theman, the ruthless, scheming martial arts film star as he desperately attempts to retrieve his long-lost soul before it is hurled headlong into the deepest Abyss of Hell! Ensnare doomed pitiful souls with the implacable bounty hunting phasma-revenant Dark Storm in her bid for supreme power over millions and the coveted throne of Asgard! Follow the hell-hound packin' cold mercenary Angel-Heart as he, like a goodly razor-sharp Ginsu kitchen knife scrupulously cutting away as seen on eleven o'clock at night TV, slices and dices the damned on his way up to become the top blade in the grisly Mortuus! Valley is laced with myth/hist notes from the world over. (S)wordplay and inter-twistorted tales chorridor and pierce the Epic. Elusive mind-resonances, shadowy mental focal lengths, pale thought-illusions, intangible swhirling emotion-pools, insubstantial spring-loaded will-traps, graspless snaring barbed-wired realizations, sharp-cornered soul-fading mirages and spiritually bleak sucking quicksands nigh unto dimensions invisi'bled labrinth readers down into the inner sanctums of her lores; devilering them up to the uncanny, disturbing veiled Nether and the grim, macabre obliquitious secrets she brings to dark! Valley culminates in a superlative modern legend that will stir the imaginations of those hearts who desire a bold, soul-searching undertaking into the rhapsodic core of their own Heavenly stratums or the dankest helks of their own stark raving mad personal Hells! Good Luck Hunting!