Love stories

A Thousand Tomorrows

Author: Karen Kingsbury



Category: Love stories

Page: 241

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"A young couple faces the challenge of falling in love, while seemingly doomed to repeat the negative patterns they have established for most of their lives"--Provided by the publisher

A Lifetime of Tomorrow's

Author: Danny Wilson

Publisher: BookRix


Category: Poetry

Page: 10

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Never saying never. Desire is the only answer!! Lonely days/nights binding all humans together. We try/We cry at numerous foibles...It's okay,really!

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Author: James Revels III



Category: Poetry

Page: 72

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Yesterday's Tomorrow is a book of poems exploring the ephemeral nature of time, love and life. With poems written as far back as 2009, it is yesterday's insights for tomorrow's readers.
Information resources management

21 Tomorrows

Author: Robert H. Stambaugh

Publisher: Rector-Duncan


Category: Information resources management

Page: 152

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Literary Criticism

Yesterday's Tomorrows

Author: W. H. G. Armytage

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 302

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First published in 1968, Yesterday’s Tomorrows elucidates on the favourite occupation of man: forecasting the future. By man’s predictions, he mirrors his own wish-fulfilments, displacements, projections, denials, evasions and withdrawals. These predications can take the form of countries of the imagination, ‘mirror worlds’ like Rabelais’ Ever-Ever lands or the Erewhon of Butler. Alternatively, they may spring from panic, reflecting fear rather than hope, often manifesting themselves, in our technological age, as reports of ‘flying saucers’ or invasions from another planet. In either form, they provide philosophers, scientists, doctors and sociologists with material for evaluating man’s future needs, offering both criticism of our present society, plans for our future, and release from tension and disequilibrium. Professor Armytage shows in this book how such ‘visions’ can, and do, refresh minds for renewed grappling with the present by arming them with ideas for man’s future needs. He indicates that, out of an apparent welter of futuristic fantasies, a constructive debate about tomorrow is emerging, providing us with operational models of what tomorrow could be. This book will hold special interest for students of philosophy and of English literature.
B-24 (Bomber)

Tomorrows Promise

Author: Edward R Kofke Sr



Category: B-24 (Bomber)

Page: 515

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THE DARKNESS OF TOMORROW - Dystopian Novels & Post-Apocalyptic Stories

Author: H. G. Wells

Publisher: e-artnow


Category: Fiction

Page: 4816

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This carefully crafted ebook collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Jack London: Iron Heel H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The First Men in the Moon When the Sleeper Wakes Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels Edward Bulwer-Lytton: The Coming Race Edgar Allan Poe: The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion Owen Gregory: Meccania the Super-State Hugh Benson: Lord of the World Edward Bellamy: Looking Backward: 2000–1887 Equality Mary Shelley: The Last Man William Hope Hodgson: The Night Land Stanley G. Weinbaum: The Black Flame Fred M. White: The Doom of London Series The Four White Days The Four Days' Night The Dust of Death A Bubble Burst The Invisible Force The River of Death Ignatius Donnelly: Caesar's Column Ernest Bramah: The Secret of the League (aka What Might Have Been) Arthur Dudley Vinton: Looking Further Backward Richard Jefferies: After London Samuel Butler: Erewhon Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland Anthony Trollope: The Fixed Period Cleveland Moffett: The Conquest of America

Love's Bright Tomorrow

Author: Naomi Rawlings

Publisher: Naomi Rawlings


Category: Fiction

Page: 350

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Aileen Brogan wants a place to call home. After leaving Ireland for America and losing her father and brother within a year of each other, she feels lost and alone. No matter how hard she tries, she just doesn’t seem to belong in the quaint town of Eagle Harbor. However, Sheriff Isaac Cummings is determined to help her fit in—into town and into his arms—if only she'll say yes to his courtship. But if he knew her secrets, he'd surely rescind his offer. Isaac is determined to serve the people of Eagle Harbor in a way that will do his family proud, but he’s haunted by past mistakes. When a band of criminals threatens his beloved town’s safety, he doesn’t want to fail the people he loves like he did four years earlier. But if he doesn't turn out to be the hero the town needs, what chance does he have of winning Aileen's resistant heart? When old wounds reopen, can Isaac and Aileen figure out how to move past their brokenness and find the promise of a bright tomorrow? Come visit the rugged yet beautiful coast of Lake Superior and the remote historical town of Eagle Harbor that readers can’t get enough of. Eagle Harbor Series--Where Love Finds Its Anchor Book 1: Love's Unfading Light (Mac and Tressa) Book 2: Love's Every Whisper (Elijah and Victoria) Book 3: Love's Sure Dawn (Gilbert and Rebekah) Book 4: Love's Eternal Breath (Seth and Lindy) Book 5: Love's Winter Hope (Thomas and Jessalyn) Book 6: Love's Bright Tomorrow (Isaac and Aileen) Prequel Novella: Love's Violet Sunrise (Hiram and Mabel) Short Story: Love's Beginning (Elijah and Victoria) Note: Love's Bright Tomorrow contains a character who was previously sexually abused. No instances of sexual abuse occur in the novel.

New Tomorrows

Author: Don C. Davis ThB BA Mdiv

Publisher: Archway Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 154

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Which is better, to live on the holding edge of the past, or the growing edge of the future? Don Davis writes on the growing edge of the future. His novel, A Place In The Story, is about choosing to live on the growing edge. The seven sequels are more than just the best of serious fiction; they tell the story of Dr. Kelly, beloved granddad, who is also a down-to-earth philosopher of life, future-vision speaker and writer, and a most unusual professor. Through A Place In The Story, we can shadow Dr. Kellys faith journey story and dare to dream our best dreams, then give them their best chance to happen as fellow pioneers of new tomorrows and the new sacred. We live in the greatest age in all human history! We are indebted to the past, but we owe more to the future. The rewards have never been greater for the human family to choose the identity markers of the Big Ten Universal Qualities to define our best future. When we choose the Big Ten Universal Qualities for our identity markers our brain creates a kind of inner voice, a talisman, an alter ego, that magnetizes the identity markers that lead us to our higher self.

Yesterday's Tomorrows

Author: Joseph J. Corn

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: History

Page: 157

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From Jules Verne to the Jetsons, from a 500-passenger flying wing to an anti-aircraft flying buzz-saw, the vision of the future as seen through the eyes of the past demonstrates the play of the American imagination on the canvas of the future.